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Peritrochanteric Disease

Extra-articular Impingement  and Peritrochanteric Disease

Advanced Hip Arthroscopy techniques give Harvard Trained Orthopedic Surgeon,  Dr. Jon Hyman, the ability to address problems that were previously only treatable with traditional Open Surgery. While conventional open surgery may still be the only way to safely perform osteotomies of the acetabulum (PAO) or the proximal femur (PFO), such as trochanteric advancement, relative neck lengthening, new arthroscopic techniques can now be used to treat extra-articular problems (problems outside of the hip joint space). Some of these conditions that Dr. Hyman treats are listed below.

Peri-trochanteric Problems (Bursitis, Tendon Snapping, Gluteus Medius Tears):

There are three common extra-articular hip problems that Dr. Hyman uses Advanced Hip Arthroscopy techniques to treat.

Iliopsoas Tendon Snapping: The iliopsoas tendon attaches to the lesser trochanter, and when it’s tight or in spasm, can cause internal snapping pain or catching and popping around the hip joint.

Gluteus Medius Tendon Tears:  The tendon attachment is on the GREATER trochanter and may detach similarly to a rotator cuff tear in the shoulder. Repairing the gluteus medius tendon to the bone, usually with sutures or anchors, can be an effective solution for chronic pain or weakness on the side of the hip.

Trochanteric Bursitis: Many patients will have bursitis that persists despite physical therapy, injections, rest and pills. In select cases, we can clean out bursitis with the hip arthroscopy camera, and allow the healthy bursa to regenerate.

All of these conditions can cause hip pain in various manners and may be treated with surgical and non-surgical methods.

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