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Advanced Orthopedic Surgery Center (AOSC) and LESS

Some doctors refer patients or family members to their colleagues because of personal or social relationships, our out of cultural or professional affiliations. Other times they refer to a surgeon because they think that surgeon is the best person for the job. Where do they refer themselves?

When I see other doctors as patients, they come because they think we are the best equipped to meet their needs. It’s a telling sign when we have the privilege to perform surgery on another orthopedic surgeon – something we’ve done several times. Maybe that’s how Dr. Hyman got the nickname, “the surgeon’s surgeon”


Dekalb Medical

Our new office and Advanced Orthopedic Surgery Center is located on the ground floor of 1462 Montreal Road, Tucker, GA 20084

Advantages of our Surgery Center

Dr. Hyman performs most of his surgeries at the Advanced Orthopedic Surgery Center in Tucker, GA, which he custom built to be a state-of-the-art facility. As a fully Accredited and Certified Surgical facility, it has all of the obvious things one would expect, but what you may not know is what are the many advantages to using such a facility.

It saves the insurance companies a lot of money because surgery centers can be run much more efficiently than hospitals. It also saves the surgeon time and money by having all the technologically advanced equipment and personnel available. But what’s the advantage to YOU, the patient, in having your procedure at an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC)?

  • Efficient. Turn-around time between surgeries is as much as three times faster than at hospitals, and case start times are more reliable, both of which mean less waiting for patients.
  • Lower Cost. Because we only perform outpatient surgery and we are designed with efficiency, costs can be significantly less than in a hospital, up to 40% less expensive on average.
  • Dependable. Scheduled surgery times are not likely to be delayed or bumped by non-related emergencies, as they may be at hospitals.
  • Family-friendly. Our staff is a nuclear family of sorts. Our patients are treated with the utmost care. It’s a kind & friendly environment.
  • Comfortable. Patients and their families can relax in a pleasant surroundings, avoiding the congestion of a hospital scene.
  • Care. Studies on Quality of care consistently show that care at ASCs is equal or better than hospital based care.
  • Consistency. Unlike a surgical facility which does many types of medicine, our center is only for orthopedic surgery, so all our staff are familiar with our procedures. You won’t have gynecology or ophthalmology nurses caring for you like you might at a hospital.
  • Advanced. We have the newest high-tech medical equipment. Patients can be confident in the knowledge that their surgeon is able to treat them using the most advanced surgical tools available.
  • Personal. Our friendly staff offers both immediate, personal service and highly professional care.
  • Choice. Because the Advanced Orthopedic Surgery Center is open to all of our patients, you have the choice of having your surgery at our state-of-the-art facility or at other locations where Dr. Hyman has privileges.
  • Convenient. Our Surgery Center sought to eliminate the common concerns people have about hospitals. We provide: free covered and adjacent parking only steps away from the front door; a private consultation room, private patient care areas; and private patient exit. Easy to find, Advanced Orthopedic Surgery Center is located directly off of I-285 at Lawrenceville Highway, on the ground floor.

The LESS Advantage. Why LESS is MORE

Doing Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) or using Less Exposure Surgery Solutions (LESS) has several advantages.

Question: Why choose a surgeon who specializes in LESS?

Answer: Choosing LESS means choosing LESS invasive options for your care, trying to avoid surgery if possible. Should you need surgery, choosing LESS means choosing less risk and less drama, before, during and after surgery.

A skilled Surgeon and a minimally invasive Less Exposure Surgical Solution can lead to:

  • LESS STRESS in choosing a doctor. LESS surgeons are truly tops in their field.
  • LESS BLEEDING (reduced surgical blood loss)
  • LESS PAIN when you wake up or go home
  • LESS DAMAGE (reduced tissue injury)
  • LESS TIME under the knife (reducing drugs and anesthesia)
  • LESS RISK (reduced chance of complications, infections, etc)
  • LESS DRUGS (fewer anesthetic gases and narcotics needed during surgery)
  • LESS RADIATION exposure for the patient and surgeon
  • LESS SIDE EFFECTS (reduced nausea/vomiting/constipation after surgery)
  • LESS SCARRING tissue and wound care
  • LESS RECOVERY TIME in rehabilitation
  • LESS MONEY (lower cost for patients and insurers)

Thus, choosing LESS means choosing MORE... More complete recovery, more money saved on surgery & rehab, more function and more quality of life.

Other locations where Dr. Hyman performs surgery include:

emory and marietta
Emory St. Joseph’s Hospital. (in-patient surgery, left) and Marietta Surgical Center (out-patient surgery, right)

  • Tucker Office Location:1462 Montreal Rd WEST Suite 101,
    Tucker, GA 30084
    Phone: (770) 363-8770

  • Buckhead Office Location:3200 Downwood Circle, Suite 340
    Atlanta, GA 30327
    Phone: (770) 363-8770

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